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Our main goal is to provide you with the widest possible selection of spare parts such as focusing tubes, diamond nozzles, water nozzles and spare or wear parts for pumps and waterjet cutting systems.

We obtain our high-quality components for high-pressure pumps and cutting heads from all over the world. We pay attention to excellent quality at permanently low prices. Compatible parts are available for brands such as FLOW, OMAX, KMT, Bystronic, Ridder and BFT.





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What are the advantages of waterjet cutting?

With the environmentally friendly and extremely precise water jet cutting technology, almost all materials can be processed without heating or deformation.

There are two different processes:

In pure water cutting, the jet of pure water separates the workpiece. Pure water cutting is used for soft to tough materials such as plastic, leather, foam, polystyrene or food.

In abrasive cutting, an abrasive agent, e.g. garnet sand, is added to the water jet in a mixing chamber in the cutting head.

This water-abrasive mixture is then centred by a focusing tube. With this abrasive water jet, harder materials such as metal or stone can now also be processed.

The advantages of water jet cutting are

  •     suitable for almost all materials
  •     no heating of the material
  •     clean cut edges
  •     cost-saving
  •     environmentally friendly